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manchester, vermont • september 7-8
Taconic Hotel
3835 Main Street
Manchester Village, Vermont 05254




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The 2017 Conference will offer a full schedule of more than 25 sessions organized into three tracks, in addition to mobile workshops and special programming.

Public Engagement. Participate in a planning charrette and pop-up demonstration, engage with the community in a planning conversation, and dig deep into how to communicate with the public and facilitate productive meetings.
Food Systems. Local food is no longer a fad and it interfaces with many aspects of community planning. Local food is a growing economic sector in rural and small towns across the region, it is a cornerstone of efforts to improve community health, and it is helping to maintain the working landscapes that are one of the defining features of northern New England.
New Technology. Crowd sourcing apps, electronic records, drones, green construction materials – new technology is changing how we do our work. Learn more about can planners use these new tools and materials effectively and creatively.
Mobile Workshops and Special Programming. We will be heading out into the streets, parking lots, fields and farms of Manchester to examine our three themes in the real world. Learn how Manchester is working to transform its downtown from an auto-oriented outlet retail center into a pedestrian- and bike-friendly four-season destination, explore new technologies and techniques in stormwater management, tour local farms and agritourism destinations, and more…

Looking for something you can print out now? Here is a PDF version of the conference schedule (we will be handing these out at the conference as well).

Thursday, September 7
8:00 am Registration
8:45 am Changing the Conversation. We’ve all had that public meeting where the conversation turns angry, loops endlessly, or goes way beyond left field. Our morning plenary will offer insight into how to better understand what people are saying and why, so that we can become more effective facilitators and lead productive meetings.
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10:00 am Moving Around Manchester. Join community members in a walking tour and assessment of transportation and parking issues.
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Back to the Land. How to help new, first-time farmers find and secure farmland in your community.
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Meet and Interact. Explore how to integrate technological gadgets and apps into your community engagement process.
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Flying Lesson. The team from UVM’s Spatial Analysis Lab will provide an in-depth demonstration in the field of how drones can be used to collect spatial data and the types of analyses that are possible with this newly available data.
11:15 am Food Dollars. Explore how food-based value chains can create community wealth.
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Droning and Driving. Still no flying cars, but are drones and autonomous vehicles the future of transportation.
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12:15 pm Lunch
12:45 pm In the Market. How a bulk food buying club became a storefront with the largest sales volume for a single-store food coop in the country, and how that coop has fostered agriculture and food enterprise within its community. Panelists from Onion River Coop’s City Market, Burlington’s Intervale Center and the Intervale Food Hub will tell this remarkable food system story.
2:00 pm A Brand for Manchester. A fun, interactive session with a serious purpose – help Manchester redefine itself in images and words.
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Brewing Up a Revitalized Downtown. Craft brewers, local restauranteurs and scholars share how local food and drink are boosting downtowns. Street Legal. Examine two planning topics from a legal perspective – road access and signs.
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Tour de Manchester. Lessons learned from recent and ongoing transformative projects in Manchester’s downtown: the Roundabout Project, a Town Green transformation, the Depot Street redesign, and development of a Riverwalk.
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4:30 pm Farmers’ Market Mixer and Awards Ceremony
7:00 pm Character Areas Open Studio. So you’re at the conference and thinking, “What would really be great would be if I could go to a meeting tonight because I’ve only done two night meetings so far this week…” We’ve got you covered!
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Friday, September 8
6:45 am Morning Workout… then enjoy the all-you-can-eat breakfast on NNECAPA guilt-free. VPA members will be leading groups out on a 45-minute walk, run or bike ride.
8:00 am Registration
8:15 am We’re Toast – Unless You Join Us for Breakfast. Yes, this is the NNECAPA business meeting and no, this year you cannot hit the snooze button. First, the breakfast is going to be great! Second, there is really important business to discuss about how NNECAPA and our three state planning organizations can become more effective and sustainable.
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9:30 am Demonstrate It! Do you want to test-run potential solutions like simulating bulbouts at busy crosswalks, reducing lane widths or adding bike lanes before investing substantial municipal funds in major infrastructure improvements? Would you like to experiment with adding new public spaces and activities downtown? Learn how to implement a pop-up demonstration in this hands-on session.
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What’s Left on Your Plate. Discuss food recovery/food scrap diversion regulations, policies and programs in New England that have improved the triple bottom line: environment, economics and society.
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Open Data Portal to Another Dimension. Learn how to turn economic data (AKA just more boring numbers to some of us) into compelling 3D visualizations.
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Rain or Shine. The planners of this mobile workshop are actually hoping for rain to showcase new stormwater management materials and techniques.
10:30 am
 10:45 am Cafeteria Food. “Fresh” and “healthy” are now being used to describe the meals served in school and other institutional cafeterias. Learn how community partnerships are creating food system policy that benefit producers and consumers alike. Elevate Your Game. Lidar mapping proves that Northern New England is not flat. Learn more about what planners can do with this incredibly useful data.
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 11:45 am
 11:30 am Lunch. It will be food planner-style – make and take a sandwich to the session or gathering place of your choice.
12:15 pm Urban Tactics. Guerrilla gardening. Pop-up bike lanes. Parklets. Explore how municipalities in northern New England are using quick, often temporary, low-cost projects to make a small part of the community a more lively, interesting and enjoyable place to be. Nature’s Bounty. Explore how thinking holistically and using a systems perspective can provide for the regeneration of lost ecosystem services such as food production to help your community become more adaptive and resilient over time.
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There’s an App for That. A showcase for software and online tools.
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Down on the Farm. Manchester has long been a tourist destination – primarily focused on outdoor recreation and retail outlets. The town’s tourism economy is diversifying into local food and agri-tourism. We will be visiting two such enterprises – Earth Sky Time Farm and the Dene Farm at Hildene – to learn how they are combining tourism and agriculture to create new economic and educational opportunies in the community.
1:30 pm Stories from the Street. Hear about recent public engagement efforts in four communities – Portland ME, Nashua NH, Strafford, NH and Bethel VT
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Imagine People Here. Learn about the Imagine People Here Regional Demonstration Project Toolkit for sanctioned tactical urbanist demonstration projects. The toolkit will be a resource that will enable more people across New England to plan for and experiment with built environment changes that improve quality of life, economic activity and health. #NewTech #NewEthics. This panel discussion will tackle how to apply the APA Code of Ethics in the face of changing technology.
3:00 pm Departure



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