Certification Maintenance

To maintain their certification, AICP members are required to log a minimum of approved 32 Certification Maintenance (CM) credit hours in every biennial reporting period, including at least 1.5 approved credit hours each for Law and Ethics.  Some exemptions apply, such as for retired or unemployed planners.  Click the “More Information” link below. 

CM Logs: AICP members are required to maintain their own CM logs and must file a claim for each credit as it is earned.  NNECAPA has prepared a “Logging Template” to assist Chapter members find and log their credits.

Live Attendance and Instruction: Chapter and State planning association conferences and other CM-approved training opportunities are regularly available for AICP members to attend and receive CM credits.  Speakers at such sessions are entitled to additional credits. 

Internet-Based Live Chapter Training: NNECAPA and many other APA Chapters have collaborated to underwrite a regularly-scheduled and diverse array of training opportunities, available through the Utah Chapter: www.utah-apa.org/webcasts.htm.

Self-Reported Attendance: Claims may not be filed for professional development training that is not already approved by AICP, except for a maximum of eight (8) hours of self-reported attendance per two-year reporting period.  Self-Reported claims may only be made for activities that meet CM approval criteria. 

Distance Learning and Free CM Opportunities: A great variety of CM-approved Internet-based training opportunities is available, such that most of a planner’s required 32 credit hours can be earned from the comfort of your home or office, free of charge. 

The Chapter’s Professional Development Officer regularly contributes a column to the Chapter Newsletter – be sure to read it to keep abreast of current opportunities and new information. 

More information: http://planning.org/cm/index.htm

NNECAPA Email: [email protected]

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