Professional Development

NNECAPA and its three peer state planning associations work to provide timely and informative professional development opportunities for planners, regardless of the need for AICP Certification Maintenance.

If you have an idea for a training session, or you’re aware of a training opportunity that the Chapter hasn’t advertised, email any member of the Professional Development Committee with the information.


  • NNECAPA Professional Development Officer

Carl Eppich, AICP (ME)
(207) 774-9891
Email: [email protected]

  • Assistant Professional Development Officers

Anna Breinich, FAICP (ME)
(207) 725-6660
Email: [email protected]

Lee Krohn, AICP (VT)
(802) 362-4824
Email: [email protected]

  • Public Information Officer

Ben Frost, Esq., AICP (NH)
(603) 310-9361
Email: [email protected]

NNECAPA Email: [email protected]

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