Planned Commercial District Design Standards

Description: The Planned Commercial District of Bennington, Vermont is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, as it encompasses the only intersection with the new highway that is commercially zoned as well as having major intersections with Route 7 and 7A. It is the role of the Planning Commission to ensure that future development such as this is in keeping with the vision of the Town Plan and in the best long term interest of the residents. In 2004, the Town of Bennington created the Planned Commercial (PC) district as a Design Review District which could be influenced by the recommendations of these design standards.

Design standards such as these are intended to document a community’s design objectives with the use of illustrations and other examples so that developers and consultants can visualize how their projects work towards the goals of the Town Plan. They are intended to assist property owners, developers and town review boards with the preliminary planning, design and evaluation of proposals and approval of projects. By incorporating the standards in the early phases of design, time consuming and costly changes can often be avoided. In addition, they are intended to reduce or eliminate the more common architectural characteristics of sprawl development, and work towards a common vision for Bennington’s future.

The goal of this document is to ensure that, over time, the standards will improve the character and natural beauty of the community making it an even more attractive and prosperous place. This manual provides design standards for all new construction and exterior alterations of properties within Bennington’s Planned Commercial District.

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Town of Bennington, Vermont
Date: 2004
Format: PDF Document

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