From Policy to Reality: Model Ordinances for Sustainable Development

Description: This model ordinance prepared by Minnesota Planning is intended to guide sustainable development. Most of the ordinances are related to land use (zoning, subdivision regulation, natural and economic resource protection, stormwater and wastewater management, etc.). Some additional topics include design of sustainable buildings, solid waste management, procurement of renewable energy and sustainable economic development. The guidebook provides model ordinances for a number of sustainable development topics, including:

  • Growth management, including both zoning and subdivision regulations, and ordinances creating growth management programs
  • Community resources protection, including an overlay district for natural resources and ordinances ensuring sustainable use of valuable local resources
  • Urban design, including ordinances to stage new development and use land efficiently, promote infill, protect historic resources, and direct appropriate commercial development to retail nodes
  • Infrastructure, including public infrastructure in roads, sewers and schools, private infrastructure in septic systems and management of storm water
  • Resource-efficient buildings, including efforts to increase energy efficiency and minimize construction and demolition waste, and resource-efficient procurement practices
  • Economic development, including linking sustainable development goals to governing language for an economic development authority and performance standards for commercial and industrial investment

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