The Roadscape Guide: Tools to Preserve Scenic Road Corridors

Description: Road corridors are much more than vehicular paths. They are the framework around which our communities are formed, shaping the character of those communities. The Roadscape Guide is about understanding the character of a road corridor, recognizing the forces that may bring unwelcome change, and using the right tools and techniques to preserve and enhance what is best. It is in the smaller communities—and the incremental changes along the roads that link them— where much of our scenic landscape is eroding. This guide concentrates on those transitional and more rural areas and those incremental changes, as well as the ways that existing areas of development can be redesigned over time to better fit into the surrounding landscape.

The Roadscape Guide is meant to be a first step in organizing efforts to preserve the scenic resources of our road corridors. It is intended for anyone facing the many changes occurring along our roads—especially for volunteers on municipal commissions and committees who must often work with minimal support, local land trusts, and other concerned citizens. While most of the examples in The Roadscape Guide are from the experiences of the Champlain Valley Greenbelt Alliance in the U.S. Route 7 corridor of western Vermont, the lessons learned are applicable to many road corridors around the country.

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Smart Growth Vermont

Date: 2007
Format: Report

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