Scenic Assessment Handbook

Description: This handbook is designed to be used by people across Maine – mostly volunteers with land trusts and comprehensive planning committees – who are conducting inventories of scenic resources in their town or region. This handbook should give policy-makers and citizens a set of tools to achieve a higher level of precision to identify and evaluate scenic resources – using descriptive language, illustrative maps, and characteristic photographs. The handbook also provides background and guidance about using the results of the inventory in the context of:

  1. Comprehensive planning and land use regulation
  2. Land conservation planning
  3. Setting priorities for land acquisition
  4. Maintaining community scenic character when considering impacts of development or tracking cumulative impacts over time
  5. Identifying scenic viewpoints of state or national significance for purposes of Title 35- A MRSA Ch. 34-A (Wind Power Law).

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Source: Maine State Planning Office
Date: 2008
Format: PDF Document

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