Protecting Local Scenic Resources: Community-Based Performance Standards

Description: Maine’s landscape is undergoing changes that will redefine its scenic character. Coastlines are being developed, farms are becoming house lots and villages are vanishing as their downtowns struggle to survive the wave of urbanization, big box stores and suburban development. Scenic views and landscapes that have defined communities for decades are being threatened and lost.

These concerns can be addressed if all activities are required to comply with performance standards, which are designed to protect local scenic resources. Chapter I of this report presents the performance standards in bold and includes narratives and photos to provide a better understanding of their purposes and significance. Chapter II presents the performance standards as they might appear in a local ordinance. It also includes suggested definitions.

These performance standards are designed to be administered in the same manner as other performance standards in the local site plan review ordinance, such as those related to erosion control, stormwater management, noise, etc. That is, they are to be considered in the context of the overall project review and approval process, not as a separate action.

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Source: Maine State Planning Office
Date: 2007
Format: PDF Document

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