Redesigning the American Neighborhood Project

Description: This website presents the work and findings of the Redesigning the American Neighborhood Project (RAN), a collaborative effort bringing scientists, engineers, developers, home owners and regulators together to consider the challenging problem of stormwater management in developing watersheds. Led by a research team from the University of Vermont, RAN evaluated the environmental, social and economic costs and benefits associated with various options for stormwater control, and, while doing so, developed an interactive process to help communities better reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff. The website includes:

  • Useful information meant for homeowners wishing to learn more about stormwater and its control;
  • Summaries of project research initiatives;
  • One-page fact sheets summarizing important project findings;
  • Project documents, including publications, technical reports, and theses;
  • Data gathered during the project; and
  • Links to useful websites on stormwater and its control.

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Rubenstein School at the University of Vermont

Date: 2003 – 2010
Format: Website

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