Urban Street Design Guidelines

Description: The Urban Street Design Guidelines (USDG) is the implementation tool for planning and designing Charlotte’s streets. The USDG is intended to create “complete” streets – streets that provide capacity and mobility for motorists, while also being safer and more comfortable for pedestrians, cyclists, and neighborhood residents. The USDG define a process to ensure that appropriate street types and street design elements will be used to support specific land development and transportation objectives. Additionally, the USDG describe the land uses and urban design elements that can best complement each type of street – with the intention that street design and land use/urban design decisions will reinforce each other.

The USDG create a six-step process for designing streets wherein the varying interests and needs of all users – and various land uses – are considered and the design tradeoffs are systematically examined for every project. This process, along with the design guidance provided in the USDG, has already helped transform a multitude of urban and suburban streets and intersections. The USDG offer a clear path to creating roads that are more sustainable and offer greater safety and livability.

The website includes links to the USDG and implementing ordinances, as well as examples and brief descriptions of city projects designed using the USDG. The USDG project was awarded a 2009 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement in Policies and Regulations from the EPA.

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Source: City of Charlotte (North Carolina) Department of Transportation
Date: 2007
Format: Website

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