Transit-Oriented Design (TOD) for Chittenden County: Guidelines for Planners, Policymakers, Developers and Residents

Description: Transit-oriented design is the design of places or things that encourage and facilitate the easy use of transit. The ultimate purpose of these guidelines is to promote the use of transit in Chittenden County. By promoting transit-oriented development, it is hoped that there will be greater opportunities for the voluntary use of transit by a larger segment of the county’s population. The guidelines are intended to show how the development community and municipalities can include transit users in the market it expects to serve with large or small-scale real estate development projects. They can also show planners and designers what elements may be included in their plans to create transit-oriented design. The guidelines are relevant for areas that are currently served by transit, as well as for developing areas that may be serviced by transit in the future.

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Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission

Date: 2002
Format: Report

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