Preserving Dark Skies

Description: The dark, star-filled night skies that still prevail in New Hampshire’s extensive rural areas are an important but diminishing natural resource. New Hampshire’s dark skies have more than esthetic value. They are part of the rural experience that attracts tourism, which in turn contributes significantly to local economies. By taking relatively simple steps to regulate outdoor lighting, communities may also save energy and minimize the impact of artificial light on wildlife habitat.

When properly designed, outdoor lighting can meet a community’s needs for safety and security while helping to preserve or enhance its rural character. Lighting regulations, which may take the form of a local ordinance or provisions in a planning board’s site plan review and subdivision rules, can mitigate the impact of light pollution and encourage energy savings with little or no burden of public cost or inconvenience.

This chapter of the Innovative Land Use Techniques Handbook examines outdoor lighting issues and presents model ordinance language.

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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, NH Association of Regional Planning Commissions, NH Office of Energy and Planning and the NH Local Government Center
Date: 2008

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