Agricultural Incentive Zoning

Description: Today, although agriculture is important to communities, it is facing significant challenges, not only from the increasing pressures of growth and development, but also from municipal regulations that may be inhospitable to many agricultural practices. The definition of agriculture under New Hampshire state law is very broad (RSA 21:34-a). According to the RSA, agriculture includes all aspects of breeding, raising, and selling livestock, silvilculture (timber and logging), honey and maple syrup production, and crops ranging from vegetables and fruit to hay and seeds along with the processing, storage, and transportation of the agricultural products.

This chapter of the Innovative Land Use Techniques Handbook provides tools to planning boards aiming to preserve the diverse agricultural lands and uses in New Hampshire and presents model ordinance language.

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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, NH Association of Regional Planning Commissions, NH Office of Energy and Planning and the NH Local Government Center
Date: 2008

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