Sensible Transportation: A Handbook for Local and Inter-Community Transportation Planning in Maine

Description: This handbook provides local planners with the information they need to prepare transportation plans – or transportation chapters of comprehensive plans – that are consistent with the Maine’s Sensible Transportation Policy Act and rule and the transportation element of the state’s Growth Management Program. The manual is divided into eight chapters plus several appendices. Chapter 3 walks the reader through the basics of transportation-land use planning, focusing on the “4 Ds” (density, distance, diversity, and design) that are the hinges between these two closely related fields. The workhorses of the handbook may be Appendices A and B. Taken together, these appendices provide a menu of strategies that may be helpful in preparing a community transportation plan. Appendix A offers a number of transportation-land use planning issues that are common to many municipalities in Maine. For each issue, we then list few of the possible strategies to address it. These strategies are individually described, typically on a single page, in Appendix B.

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Source: Maine Department of Transportation
Date: 2008
Format: Website

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