Reduced Lot Size Outside of Subdivision Review

Description: Strict adherence to a set minimum lot size requirement may not offer a community much in the way of flexibility in responding to sensitive resources during lot-by-lot development that occurs outside of the subdivision process. Flexibility should be the goal of any community interested in revising ordinances to better provide long-term habitat protections at the landscape scale. For the most part, tools that offer design alternatives are only available if an applicant submits a project for a larger development. What about single lot development, or projects that do not trigger subdivision review? One tool that is currently being used by the Town of Brunswick allows the creation of lots as small as 20,000 square feet in any zone as long as the soils can support the septic design and the balance of the zone’s minimum lot size is protected against future development through an indenture either adjacent to the reduced lot or elsewhere in the zone.

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