LID Guidance Manual for Maine Communities: Approaches for implementation of Low Impact Development practices at the local level

Description: The purpose of this guidance manual is to help municipalities implement low impact development (LID) practices on small, locally permitted development projects. This manual provides a recommended set of LID standards and guidance on implementing LID practices. LID practices are a set of site development strategies that are designed to mimic natural hydrologic function by reducing stormwater runoff and increasing groundwater recharge and pollutant treatment.

This manual is intended to guide municipalities that review development of subdivisions and small commercial projects and issue building permits for single family construction or building renovations and additions. This manual provides recommenations for those municipalities to ensure that a basic level of stormwater management is incorporated into those projects using LID practices. These projects, which often have minimal or no requirements for stormwater management, can have a cumulative effect on downstream properties and receiving waters in terms of increased flooding, increased erosion, and increased pollution. This manual also provides guidance on selecting and designing appropriate LID practices for a given type of project. In addition, this manual includes a separate section geared toward LID improvements to existing development that will improve the stormwater management on a site.

Chapter 5 contains detailed “Practice Profiles” for a suite of LID management strategies adapted to these smaller scale projects. These include: underdrain soil filters (bioretention, rain gardens and swales); vegetative buffers; infiltration practices (dry wells and infiltration trench); pervious pavements; rain barrels and cisterns; green roofs; stormwater planters; and micro-bio inlet.

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Source: Maine Coastal Program
Date: 2007
Format: PDF Document

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