GrowSmart Maine Educational Briefs

Description: GrowSmart Maine is working to help educate people about sprawl and alternative approaches to development. The website offers a series of educational briefs designed to help people understand the issues and some of the possible tools, techniques, and resources available to accommodate growth that protects our quality of life and the unique character of Maine’s communities. Briefs currently available include:

Smart Transportation Choices for Maine Communities
Supporting Local Businesses
Building Smart: Environmentally Sensitive Design
Great American Neighborhoods
Protecting Maine’s Working Farmland
What is Sprawl?
Growth Caps: The Cure for Maine’s Growing Pains?
The Maximum Solution: Maximum Lot Size and Densities in Rural Zoning Districts
Parks and Open Space: Making In-Town Living Attractive
The Creeping Cost of Sprawl
Planning for Downtown Development IS Smart Growth
Sprawl and Wildlife Habitat
Accessory Apartments: An Affordable Housing Strategy

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