Restructuring the Commercial Strip: A Practical Guide for Planning the Revitalization of Deteriorating Strip Corridors

Description: Commercial strip corridors are a common sight in American towns and cities. They typically connect downtowns with outer neighborhoods, but are also prevalent in suburban locations—often as the only connection between neighborhoods and destinations such as office parks and shopping malls. In the last 50 years, commercial strip corridors have accounted for a substantial amount of retail and development activity in the United States, but in many communities, commercial strip corridors are aging and many of them are losing their attractiveness as development locations. These locations are experiencing disinvestment, resulting in vacant, abandoned, and underused property, such as abandoned gas stations, and obsolete retail strip centers. But despite disinvestment, these corridors remain key parts of regional transportation networks and are often well positioned for reuse and redevelopment because of the high volumes of traffic that they continue to experience.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Date: 2010
Format: PDF Document

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