Comparison of Costs for Wastewater Managment Systems Applicable to Cape Cod

Description: The Barnstable County Wastewater Cost Task Force was established to compile and analyze current local information on the costs to build and operate wastewater systems in use on Cape Cod. Based on that information, the task force has developed cost estimates for a wide range of wastewater system sizes and types to help Cape Cod towns fairly compare available options. Data were compiled and cost estimates prepared for four types of wastewater systems:

  • Individual on-lot systems with and without nitrogen removal.
  • Cluster systems serving up to approximately 30 homes with aggregate wastewater flows less than 10,000 gallons per day (gpd).
  • Satellite systems serving from 30 to 1,000 homes (wastewater flows between 10,000 gpd and 300,000 gpd), intended to treat and dispose of wastewater from one area of a town.
  • Centralized systems which can provide for most or all of a town’s wastewater management needs, and that might be suitable for serving portions of neighboring towns.

The complete final report is available for download from the website, along with a summary and presentation.

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Source: Cape Code Water Protection Collaborative
Date: 2010
Format: Website

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