Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Description: Municipalities can support walking and biking by planning, building, and maintaining public facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists. This chapter of the Implementation Manual covers the tasks that may be necessary to accomplish the community’s goals:

  • Assessing local needs for pedestrian, bicycle, and trail access and mobility;
  • Creating a plan for upgrading existing facilities and building future networks and for obtaining funding for the work;
  • Building and maintaining local pedestrian, bicycle, and trail facilities;
  • Coordinating facility planning and development with adjacent communities, regions, and the state;
  • Enacting local bylaws and subdivision regulations that enhance compact settlement and encourage walking and bicycling;
  • Evaluating pedestrian and bicycle needs within site plan or subdivision review and requiring developers to invest in pedestrian and bicycle facilities and trails; and
  • Forming local citizen advisory committees for pedestrian and bicycle activities, sometimes as a subcommittee of the conservation or recreation commission.

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Date: 2007
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