Developer Forum on Commercial Corridor Redevelopment: Exploring Opportunities for Redevelopment on Falmouth (Maine) Route 1

Lunt Auditorium, Falmouth, Maine

06:30 pm

• Learn how municipalities and developers can work together to create livable communities.
• Participate in a frank conversation about commercial corridor redevelopment in Falmouth.
• Help stimulate future projects, not just in Falmouth, but in similar locations.

In 2015, the Town of Falmouth completed a $12 million infrastructure investment in the Route 1 commercial area and adopted new village style zoning rules. The objectives of this work were to transform the Route One corridor from an automobile-based suburban service center to a pedestrian-friendly, pedestrian-scaled New England village center.

The Town envisions a dense pattern of development in the Route One area with activities day and night, a variety of uses (including residential uses), and an emphasis on a safe and attractive pedestrian environment. To achieve this objective, building height was increased to 65 feet, front setbacks to Route 1 and internal roadways were changed to between 0 and 20 feet with parking to be placed in rear and to the side of buildings, and new drive-throughs for restaurants were prohibited.

The Town has discussed redevelopment opportunities with numerous property owners. To date, two properties have been developed that include a new restaurant and hockey arena.

The Town wants to increase awareness in the Greater Portland development community about possible (re)development opportunities in Falmouth, have a frank conversation about commercial corridor redevelopment, and possibly stimulate future projects, not just in Falmouth, but in similar locations throughout Maine.

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