2018 NNECAPA Conference

Defining Resiliency for Northern New England

Point Lookout, Northport, Maine
October 25-26

For the 2018 NNECAPA Conference, we recognize that currently many planners are challenged by how to respond to these unstable and unsettling times. From the national to the state to the local levels, we have found that with the economic, political and environmental change we are experiencing, the planning approaches we used to use are in danger of being ineffective or irrelevant. The 2018 NNECAPA Conference is a chance to investigate, inspire and energize each other as we look into the future of planning:

  • How can planners adapt to the rapid and / or drastic political, economic and environmental changes; how can planning help communities reinvent themselves and become more resilient during these times of transition?
  • How can we elevate the conversation around planning issues and expectations? How can planners hear and engage in discussion on some of our most challenging issues today?
  • How can planners become leaders and shapers in our communities’ futures, whether local or state (or beyond)?


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NNECAPA Email: [email protected]

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