Tara Bamford

This past fall, after a short break to make her 10th cross country road trip and help out family, Tara Bamford began a new venture providing assistance to New Hampshire communities as a self-employed planning consultant.

Up until now, Tara’s 30+ year professional planning career had all been spent working for regional planning commissions. Tara worked at Upper Valley Lake Sunapee RPC from 1988 to 2007. After serving as Executive Director at UVLSRPC for six years, Tara sought some new challenges and was delighted to head north to join the team at North Country Council (NCC). NCC covers one-third of New Hampshire, including 51 municipalities, 25 unincorporated places, and the White Mountain National Forest. After 10 years with responsibility for the bulk of the community, regional and natural resource planning at NCC, Tara was ready for a change.

She is excited about the increased personal attention she can now give to the needs of each client, while still having time to enjoy the beauty of northern New England. She reports that an added bonus is being able to go out and play with her two officemates at breaktime, both herder mix rescues so there is never a dull moment. While currently focusing on New Hampshire communities, Tara is studying Maine planning issues and land use regulation in the hopes that someday she and her partner will have more than just a driveway on their land in Lubec.

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