New Ruralism Goes National

Tara Bamford

New Ruralism is the concept that rural communities provide more than food and recreation for urbanized areas — they provide small-scale, repeatable, models for approaches to meeting the everyday needs of residents, and focus on growth tied to community character and sustainability. NNECAPA’s pilot project identified great things happening around northern New England in regard to jobs, local foods, aging in place, renewable energy and other issues. These case studies can be found at

Our next step is to join forces with APA’s Small Town and Rural Planning Division (STAR) to cast the net nation-wide. Thanks to a grant from the APA Divisions Council, STAR will be hiring an intern to help the project team gather case studies from around the country this summer and fall. Following on a presentation on the pilot project at last year’s APA National Planning Conference, a facilitated discussion in New Orleans recently kicked off the national rollout. The discussion at this year’s APA conference was used to broaden the thinking on the criteria used to select case studies, and to identify potential communities to feature. Thanks to NNECAPA’s Jo Anne Carr, and STAR’s Jessica Garrow and Chad Nabity for making that happen.

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