Zoning Bylaw Rewrite

Londonderry, VT

The Town of Londonderry, Vermont, is seeking a qualified consultant to assist the Town in a comprehensive rewriting of the Town’s Zoning Bylaw to

(1) conform to changes made to the 2017 Londonderry Town Plan,
(2) update the Bylaw to reflect best practices for municipal zoning in the State of Vermont, and (3) reflect the recommendations of the Town’s Planning Commission and Selectboard, (collectively, the “Scope of Work”).

The complete Request for Proposals, the 2017 Town Plan and the 2009 Zoning Bylaw may be found and downloaded from the Town’s website, at www.londonderryvt.org.

This project is funded through a Municipal Planning Grant (MP-2019-Londonderry-00019) awarded by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, and all work products and contracts are governed by and subject to all rules and regulations of the Municipal Planning Grant Program and the Town’s grant award.



Shane O’Keefe, Town Administrator
(802) 824-3356
[email protected]

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