Open Space Priority Plan RFQ

Town of Hanover

The Hanover Conservation Commission is requesting that you share with us your qualifications to assist us in prioritizing lands for consideration in the update of our Open Space Priorities Plan.

Can you help?

We would like our consultant to:
• confirm our selection of important natural and cultural resources and suggest any that we have not already identified and mapped;
• assist us in developing attributes and mapping to assess biodiversity and climate resilience;
• help develop a method for evaluating and prioritizing land in terms of natural resource values, cultural resource attributes and significance to climate resilience;
• meet three times with groups in Hanover; twice with the Stewardship Committee, the group updating the Open Space Priorities Plan, and once in a public forum to present your work;
• prepare a draft and final written report, providing us with hard copy and digital copy of these reports.



Vicki Smith
(603) 640-3214
[email protected]

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