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The NNECAPA Executive Committee has identified a program of action for the Chapter to pursue to support the work of Northern New England’s planners, and aid in improving their effectiveness in helping to create communities of lasting value throughout the region. The action items detailed below are intended to implement the Chapter’s goals in each of four areas of responsibility:

I – Member Communications

  • Provide opportunities for professional support, facilitate communication, and an exchange of information for Northern New England’s planners.
  • Celebrate the hard work and achievements of planners working throughout Northern New England.

II – Professional Development

  • Encourage and support ongoing professional development and education of all chapter members.
  • Provide information & assistance to professional planners applying for membership in AICP.
  • Provide information & assistance to professional planners applying for advanced specialty certifications.
  • Support current members of AICP in obtaining the necessary continuing professional development credits.
  • Organize or sponsor opportunities for professional development through workshops, courses, and conferences.
  • Collaborate with neighboring chapters in sharing information about professional development opportunities and organizing regional planning conferences.

III – Advocacy and Outreach

  • Serve as a resource for information about the field of planning and the importance of planning to our communities.
  • Serve as a conduit for information and exchange with the three state associations, academic institutions, allied professions, and neighboring APA and CIP chapters.
  • Build and maintain successful academic programs for planners across the region.

IV – Chapter Administration

  • Provide organizational and fiduciary support in order to fulfill the ongoing activities and responsibilities of the Chapter.
  • Provide transparency, accountability, and access for the membership in the activities of the Chapter.

NNECAPA Email: [email protected]

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