Representatives from NNECAPA, MAP, NHPA and VPA gathered at the AMC Highland Center to hash out details and a timeline for the potential collaboration of all four organizations. Although it was very cold outside (-4 degrees!), the cooperation and thoughtful discussion from all participants made for a very productive 24 hours. The goal of the retreat was to draft a set of bylaws, structuring a new streamlined organization including composition and responsibilities. The draft bylaws are almost complete, and will be headed your way for review and discussion via your state organization’s spring meeting!

The timeline we are working towards includes:

  1. Summer 2018. Agreement on a final set of NNECAPA bylaws this spring/summer prior to the NNECAPA Conference in October.
  2. October 2018. At the business meeting during NNECAPA’s Annual Conference, the membership will be asked to vote on the adoption of these new bylaws with effective date of October 1, 2019 (contingent upon amendments to be proposed for all three state association bylaws).
  3. Spring 2019. If the NNECAPA membership passes the amended bylaws, then all three state associations will bring amended bylaws to their memberships for approval, with an effective date of January 1, 2020.

If at any time any of these bylaws are not adopted, then none of them will go into effect. As we said from the beginning, we are all in this together for the best solution. We are looking forward to discussions this spring!

NNECAPA Email: [email protected]

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