Chapter’s Mission

The purpose of the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association, shall be to improve and promote the standards and quality of planning at all levels in the States of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, to encourage the free exchange of ideas among planners in Northern New England, and to facilitate the participation of members in the activities of the American Planning Association.

Guiding Principles

Putting Members First: It may go without saying, but all of the programs, projects, and activities of the Chapter revolve around the central focus of providing service and value to our membership. While some activities are best suited to professional planners, all types of planners – lay and professional – are welcomed and supported by the Chapter.

Fostering Partnerships: Given the geography of our chapter and the diversity of Northern New England’s planners, communities, and landscapes, the Chapter recognizes that most activities will be conducted in concert with other groups or agencies. Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont each have active state associations of planners. The Chapter routinely works in partnership with the three state associations to advance the art and science of planning in Northern New England.

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