Yankee Planner

The Yankee Planner is the official newsletter of the Chapter.  It is prepared by the NNECAPA executive committee to inform Chapter members and the public about planning activities in Northern New England. It is also a vehicle for members to share successes, ideas and experiences with their peers.  Do you want to submit an article for publication?  Contact Public Information Officer Ben Frost at nnecapa.pio@gmail.com.

Latest Issue

Winter 2018 Volume 36-Issue 1

Archived Issues

The NNECAPA executive committee would like to invite members and the public to submit articles, news items and/or success stories for the next issues of the Yankee Planner. For more information or to know the next submission deadline, please contact:

Ben Frost
Public Information Officer
Email: mailto:nnecapa.pio@gmail.com
Phone: 603-310-9361

Submitted articles will be published in the order they are received, depending on space available.

NNECAPA Email: nnecapa@gmail.com

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