RFP: Town Plan Update


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Town of Waitsfield, Vermont

TOWN PLAN UPDATE March 24, 2017

I. Project Description; Final Deliverable The Waitsfield Planning Commission has begun the process of updating the current Waitsfield Town Plan (effective 2010), which is due to expire October 2017. Some elements of the Plan need to be updated to reflect changed circumstances, new data, and current statutory requirements. The Town is seeking to hire one or more Consultants, either jointly or separately, to assist it with this endeavor.

Specifically, the services to be performed by the Contractor(s) are as follows:

1. Revisions necessary to meet statutory requirements, including language about flood resilience and support of the town’s Village Center Designation;

2. Incorporate updates to data and tables in coordination with town staff and Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission; and

3. Re-draft of four (4) high-priority chapters.

The Final Deliverable shall be a written document clearly identifying proposed changes to the current Town Plan that are consistent with the work performed under the Work Plan, that are timely in accordance with the Schedule (and any changes made thereto in consultation with the Planning Commission), and that are based on consultation with and that incorporate feedback from the Planning Commission. Additional preliminary drafts used for facilitating review and feedback shall be produced as necessary.

II. Work Plan and Schedule A. Statutory Revisions. The Consultant will be expected to identify updates to the Town Plan in response to all current statutory requirements; present findings to the Planning Commission along with other recommendations for updates to the Town Plan; and prepare proposed language for each that would be incorporated into the final, adopted Town Plan. B. Update Economic, Demographic, and Other Data. The Consultant will be expected to coordinate updates to the most current and relevant demographic, socio-economic, and development data, with town staff and others, for incorporation into the Town Plan. This includes updating and sourcing any associated tables, charts, graphs, or illustrations within the current Plan. C. Re-Draft High-Priority Chapters. In addition to work performed under (B) above, the Consultant will be expected to facilitate the Commission’s decision-making process for redrafting of at least four (4) chapters in the Town Plan: Chapter 4 (Housing), Chapter 5 (Economic Development), Chapter 8 (Transportation), and Chapter 12 (Land Use). The Consultant may offer recommendations for additional updates to other chapters. The Consultant will be expected to guide the discussion of potential changes to each of these chapter’s Goals, Policies, and Tasks in order to inform his or her recommendations for revisions to each chapter’s narrative sections. Town of Waitsfield, Vermont Request for Proposals: Town Plan Update Components Page 2 of 3 D. Town Plan Document. The Consultant will be expected to incorporate the data, related charts and graphics, and any other changes to the Plan into a proposed final Town Plan draft document. The Consultant will not be responsible for producing or editing maps. The current Town Plan is available in digital form at www.waitsfieldvt.us/docs. E. Schedule. The 2012 Town Plan expires in October 2017, which means the Planning Commission’s statutory public hearings on the proposed revised draft should begin in August 2017.

III. Products; Format The Final Deliverable must be delivered in paper as well as in one or more digital forms using Microsoft Publisheras well as publication on the Town’s Website (PDF). Preliminary drafts shall be delivered in digital format using Microsoft Word that identifies proposed changes made for consideration (tracked-changes or other similar format). All underlying research, analysis, communications, and relevant data produced or relied upon by the Contractor shall be provided to the Town. All products will become the property of the Town of Waitsfield. The Town intends to put draft and final versions of the updated Town Plan on the Town’s Website for public availability, so the documents should be easily converted to a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document.

IV. Required Elements of Proposal Technical Proposal. One (1) hard-copy or one (1) digital file of the proposal must be submitted which, at a minimum, includes the following information:

  • Identification of primary Consultant presenting the proposal, as well as identification of any other Consultants who would perform work in the proposal.
  • A short statement of interest and demonstration of the Consultant’s understanding of the scope and objectives of the project and which components the Consultant is interested in.
  • Detailed scope of services and methodology, including specific activities and tasks to be performed, individual(s) to be involved, and an estimate of hours associated with each.
  • Proposed timetable for project tasks in accordance with Section (E) (Schedule), including estimated hours associated with each.
  • Description of the qualifications of the individual(s) who will be involved in the project, including relevant past experience.
  • Summaries of three or more relevant projects in which the Contractor was involved and the scope of such involvement, including the names and telephone numbers of references.

The proposal must be printed on double-sided paper to the extent possible and bound in such a way to allow for recycling if not submitted electronically. Cost of Services. In a separate sealed envelope or digital file from the technical proposal, please provide information about the costs associated with the proposed Work Plan and Schedule and any additional recommendations, including anticipated costs of delivery, phone, travel, photocopies, and all other related costs.

Include the hourly rates of involved personnel in the event that further services beyond, or adjustments to, the final project scope of work is desired. Town of Waitsfield, Vermont Request for Proposals: Town Plan Update Components Page 3 of 3

V. Additional Information As part of the selection process, a hiring committee may elect to interview any respondents or none. The Technical Proposals will be reviewed first and then ranked based. The Cost of Services component shall be opened and reviewed after review of the technical proposals is complete. The decision for award of the contract will be based upon the following considerations:

  1. Responsiveness to this Request for Proposals.
  2. Qualifications of the Consultant or team.
  3. The proposed schedule for completion and its ability to meet required timelines.
  4. Assurance that the consultant can perform the contract within the time specified.
  5. Experience working with citizen committees.
  6. The content of the cost proposal. This shall include consideration of the total cost of all work performed compared to the total scope of work proposed by the Technical Proposal, and the approach taken to develop the overall estimate of both costs and person-hours.

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to award the contract as determined to be in the best interests of the Town. All proposals become the property of the Town of Waitsfield upon submission.

For more information, contact Susan Senning, Waitsfield Planning & Zoning Administrator, at (802) 496-2218 x4 or pza@gmavt.net. The deadline for responses to this RFP is Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Responses should be clearly labeled Town Plan Update and be delivered to the email above or to: Waitsfield Town Office Attn: Susan Senning, PZA 4144 Main Street Waitsfield, Vermont 05673

Please contact us with any questions.

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