Transportation Master Plan Update

City of Rochester, NH

The City of Rochester (the City) is seeking proposals for the preparation of a Transportation Master Plan to analyze the City’s current and future needs. The City has several road classifications including rural/scenic, local, collector, and arterial (which includes state routes and the Spaulding Turnpike/Route 16). The Spaulding Turnpike serves not only the City but also as a gateway to the lakes and mountain regions. There are multiple modes of alternative transportation within the City including pedestrian, bicycle, commercial rail, public bus, and a small state-owned airfield known as Skyhaven Airport.

The goal of this project is to create a range of strategies that will enhance the City’s transportation system. It is critical to improve and increase the capacity of our road network to best serve the current and projected residential and commercial growth as well as the changing demographic populations within the City. A clear and achievable Implementation Strategy shall be developed to expand and improve the transportation system within the City over the next 25 years.



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